And the Awards Go To…

On Tuesday, December 1, The Village Theatre and Art Gallery on Front Street in Danville was packed for the annual presentation of community service awards for longtime volunteers. Hundreds of people enjoyed the evening of recognition and the following reception. The five-member Town council presided over the event, which honored people for their service to the community on commissions, committees, fundraising and creating programs that enrich the lives of children in the Bay Area and beyond. Photos from the event can be found on the Town’s Facebook page at The list of award recipients is as follows:


Award Presentations


Volunteers of the Year


Parks & Leisure Services Commission Volunteer of the Year Award


San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church Labyrinth Committee

The Labyrinth Committee, headed by Dory Schramm, Cathy Colman and Sylvia Benzler, coordinated the donation of a hand-sculpted stone paver labyrinth at Hap Magee Ranch Park. This donation included organizing multiple fundraisers to finance the $100,000+ project. Completed in the spring of 2015, the 42-foot diameter eleven-circuit medieval labyrinth is located directly behind the Magee house.


Arts Commission Volunteer of the Year Award


Mary Camezon who has been a member of the Role Players Ensemble Theater for 8 years and a member of the Eugene O’Neill Foundation for over 23 years


Town Volunteer of the Year Award


Senior Bocce leaders: Bob Braaten, Charles (Spike) Leonard, and Ed Walden

The Town’s Senior Bocce League, which has been running for over eight years, depends on the support of three very committed volunteers: Bob Braaten, Charles (Spike) Leonard, and Ed Walden.


Outgoing Commissioners In 2015


Arts Commission: Susan Magee (7/1/13-2/28/15), and Jo Loecher (3/1/07-6/30/15)


Heritage Resource Commission: Patty Dobbin (12/1/07-12/31/15), and Doug McQuillan (3/18/09-12/31/15)

Design Review Board: Marc Silveira (9/1/08-7/6/15)

Planning Commission: Lynn Overcashier (1/2/91-12/31/15)


Service Awards

Eight Years Of Service: Patty Dobbin and Jo Loecher

Twelve Years Of Service: Kent Rezowalli (Parks 9/16/03)

Sixteen Years Of Service: Randy Haberl (Heritage Resource 12/1/99; Parks 1/1/13)

Twenty-Four Years Of Service: Mike Doyle(Town Council 12/3/91)


Awards Of Merit


Casey Stivender, for his leadership development and extensive volunteerism in the Town’s Counselor In Training Summer Day Camp Program.


Teen Esteem: Linda Turnbull, Nick Vleisides, Tim Hunt, Chris Crawford, Jim McMillin, Kim Pace, for their commitment to informing youth, parents and the community on issues related to adolescent health while addressing the importance of self-respect and respect for others.


Danville Children’s Guild: Michelle Storm, Marcy Golden, Heather Ninekirk, Lisa Pellegrini, Angie Best, Patty Giammona, Tracie Vollgraf, for their dedication to delivering life-enriching services and needed funds that build better futures for children in bay area communities and positively impacting the lives of children in need.


Library and Historical Collections Committee of the Veterans Memorial Building of the San Ramon Valley: Robert Sada, John Reese, Lorrie Sammons, Tim Sammons, Dennis Giacovelli, Lee Halverson, Ron Huesman, Del Loewe, Greg Brown, Ron Farrell, and Alla Cruz, for fostering an appreciation and promotion of knowledge of our country’s history by collecting and preserving memorabilia and books of the military history of the United States with special emphasis on veterans and their families of the San Ramon Valley.


Michael K. Shimansky Community Service Award – presentation by the Shimansky family


Katherine Parker, President of the Environmental & Engineering Club (E2) at SRVHS, working to make the school and the community more sustainable and more aware of environmental issues.


The Danville Award


Major General Ronald Lowe, for his extensive volunteerism and continued support for the veterans of the San Ramon Valley and the Danville community.


Following the awards ceremony, the Town Council held a brief meeting in which outgoing Mayor Mike Doyle commented on his year as Mayor, and held an election for the 2016 Mayor. Vice Mayor Karen stepper was nominated and approved unanimously. Councilmember Renee Morgan was nominated and approved as Vice Mayor for 2016. For more information about the Mayoral Installation and Community Service Awards, contact City Clerk Marie Sunseri at (925) 314-3401 or email her at [email protected]