Water Tunnel Plan Agreement Upsets DCC

DCC Supervisors Decry Lack Of Transparency In Governor's Tunnel Plan Design And Construction Agreement                           

Provided by Mary Nejedly Piepho;

In response to an announcement yesterday by the California Department of Water Resources regarding a tentative agreement to begin construction of Governor Brown's tunnel plan through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) issued the following statement:

"With no notice or collaboration despite numerous opportunities, including a public meeting we attended yesterday with Governor Brown and Resources Secretary Laird, the region most affected by this plan for taking additional water from the Delta, was never consulted or even made aware of this outrageous plan to begin construction before a mandatory environmental review is completed," said Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli, chair of the DCC.

"To green light a construction authority, which will potentially have veto power over State oversight before environmental reviews are completed, is a breach of good faith in reaching a water solution for all Californians."

The DCC has advocated for protecting the interests of the Delta and California's water supply and produced a set of approaches that will achieve balance for the economic and environmental health of the Delta while also improving water supply stability. Those solutions include:

  • Improving the ability to move water around as needed with cost-effective water system operation improvements.
  • Increasing storage capacity.
  • Reinforcing our levee system.
  • Increasing opportunities for local storage, increased conservation plans, water reuse and recycling and desalination.
  • Restoring the Delta's health so that it can continue its role as an economic, agricultural, recreational and environmental engine for the region and state.

The DCC was formed to better represent the nearly 4 million people throughout the Delta region and works collaboratively to give one voice to the Delta and engage in efforts to achieve three goals: improve the Delta ecosystem, provide a more reliable water supply for the State, and protect and enhance Delta communities.


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