$590,000 to San Ramon Parks

Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Andersen and the City of San Ramon Announce the Release of County Park Dedication Funds for Improvements to San Ramon Parks — Iron Horse Trail and Forest Home Farms Barn

County Supervisor Candace Andersen has brought $590,000 in Contra Costa Park Dedication Funds to the City of San Ramon. Working with Mayor Bill Clarkson and the City of San Ramon, two major projects were identified for funding: improvements to the Iron Horse Trail segment in San Ramon, and helping pay for the rehabilitation of the Barn, the oldest building at the 16 acre historic Forest Home Farms park. “San Ramon provides an outstanding quality of life to its residents with its network of parks, trails, and the preservation of historic buildings in our Valley,” said Supervisor Andersen. “I was delighted to discover that the County had park funds, collected over the years from developers for the benefit of San Ramon residents, that had not yet been used. Working collaboratively with the City, we are now able to put this money to good use.”

Improvements to the Iron Horse Trail within San Ramon will include installing park benches, a low-flow irrigation system and native landscaping, and cooling stations.

$105,000 of the County money is being dedicated to this project. The City, East Bay Regional Park District, and Contra Costa County are all involved in ongoing maintenance of the trail, which is considered a regional asset that serves people throughout the County. The City invests funds in maintaining a portion of the trail as part of its ongoing maintenance work and as a greater amenity to its residents.

The Forest Home Farms Park project will utilize $485,000 in County Park Dedication Fees to help fund improvements to the Barn. The project includes structural work on the barn, installing new concrete footings, installing new lighting, and improving accessibility to the building. The barn was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the California Register of Historical Resources in June 2002. It is an integral part of tours for school age children that take place during the school year when students are taught about farm life, farming, and farm tools/equipment. Guided and self-guided tours are also available to the general public with constantly changing displays and interpretive programs.

Mayor Clarkson was pleasantly surprised when Supervisor Andersen told him that she had over half a million dollars to spend in his City. “Throughout the budget process the City Council maintained a disciplined fiscal approach while still trying to complete as many projects as possible in the community,” said Mayor Clarkson. “The addition of these unexpected funds allows us to move forward on two key projects sooner and in a more complete fashion than we initially expected. This is great news for San Ramon!”

“Mayor Clarkson and I have been friends for many years, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger smile come across his face than when I told him about the $590,000 in park dedication fees,” commented Supervisor Andersen. “It’s moments like these, when you can help a city accomplish its goals, that make my job as a County Supervisor so rewarding.” The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors approved the funding allocation July 22, 2015.