Bedford Gallery Introduces 2017-18 Season

Exploration of American history has put culture at the forefront of our national conversation. The Bedford Gallery’s 2017-18 season considers people and culture from the perspective of contemporary art, and delves into work that articulates our collective story and cultural portrait. From Bay Area women painters and renowned environmental artist Ned Kahn to the diverse narratives of African American artists from Berkeley’s Paulson Fontaine Press and visionary painter Frida Kahlo, this season is sure to spark exciting dialogue you don’t want to miss!

Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs


In the spirit of discovery, About Abstraction (September 24 - December 17, 2017) celebrates 16 Bay Area women artists, emerging and established, who have worked in abstraction for years. This show provides a platform for their work that features precise, powerful lines, as well as gestural patterns. Artists include Lorene Anderson, Eva Bovenzi, Heather Day, Linda Geary, Amy Ellingson, Alicia McCarthy, Mel Prest, Cornelia Schulz, Canan Tolon, among others.


Exploring the intersection of art and physics, Ned Kahn's enormous metal sculpture Seed Vortex (January 11 - March 25, 2018) shifts a transient sea of tiny mustard seeds in a slow, constant, and captivating spin. A MacArthur Fellow who lives and works in the Bay Area, Kahn has placed numerous public artworks around the world, including Wind Fins at Walnut Creek's Neiman Marcus. This solo show includes several other sculptures by Kahn, many of which are hands-on and participatory.


There is no singular way to address the conversation of race and representation in contemporary art. The artists of Personal to Political (April 15 - June 24, 2018) capture the personal narratives and political battles of African American artists across the country, reflecting a collective experience in uniquely individual ways. In addition to numerous prints from Paulson Fontaine Press, a fine art printmaker in Berkeley, this show includes paintings, sculptures, and quilts with both narrative and abstract imagery. Artists include Radcliffe Bailey, Gee's Bend Quilters, David Huffman, Kerry James Marshall, Martin Puryear, Lava Thomas, among others.


In The World of Frida (July 8 - September 9, 2018), we celebrate the culture, style, and persona of visionary painter Frida Kahlo, weaving juried and invitational shows that reference the artist with a national traveling photography exhibit titled Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray. Hungarian-born Muray met Kahlo in a chance encounter in Mexico in 1931 and became her lover and friend. His color and black and white photographs are some of the most iconic images of the artist that exist.

Organized by the Nickolas Muray Photo Archives. Circulated through GuestCurator Traveling Exhibitions.


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