Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Life Saving Benefits In Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests By Tyler Kang, MD                                                  The idea behind cancer screening is for screening tests to be able to catch cancer in individuals who are […]

TMJ Can Imitate Many Maladies

By Dr. Robert Brown When I attended UC Berkeley I majored in Physiology. For my practice where I treat TMJ symptoms, a.k.a. temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), this training turned out to be invaluable. Here I plan to explain the complexity of TMD treatment, how important it is to understand how muscles work, the causes of […]

When will my pain go away?

Exploring Class IV Laser pain relief for injuries and post-surgical healing Dr. Niele Maimone                                                      In 2004, Align Healing Center began using laser therapy to help patients relieve their muscle, […]

Acquiring easier than Disposing

Some options for those unwanted, unneeded Items By Joan Trezek Chances are good that you have a closet, garage area, maybe even a whole “spare” room where you store things “temporarily” until you can figure out the next move.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that weeks  go by and you still haven’t figured out whether to save, […]

Ways you can help this holiday season

By Candace Anderson, Contra Costa County Supervisor:                                                The Holiday Season is a special time for most of us. For some it holds great religious significance with the celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah, and some […]

Draft Advance Directives Before Getting Sick

    By Dr. Sherellen Gerhart;                                            It is best to make decisions in a clear minded and healthy state. At times of medical crisis, our judgment can be clouded by the sense of urgency […]

Boomers : Good Company to be In

By Joan Trezek If you’re reading this, you probably consider yourself a Baby Boomer or a very close relative—perhaps born a few years before or after the official dates. The 19-year interval between 1946 and 1964, essentially the post-World War II years and the rise of suburban living are considered the Boomer years. Curiosity led […]

Life after Breast Cancer

By Dr. Shoba Kankipati; Many women look forward to the completion of their breast cancer treatment and getting on with their life. However for some the end of treatment can be a confusing or stressful time. They may feel nervous or upset at the thought of no longer regularly seeing members of their health care […]

Breakfast to Benefit Meals on Wheels

Pancake Breakfast will benefit Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services to be held at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center, 8:30 am -10:30 am Sunday, Sept. 7th, 2014 Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services is hosting a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser on Sunday, September 7th to raise money for fall prevention services in Contra Costa County.  The Pancake Breakfast […]