County Library hosts Memories of a Lifetime

New Facebook page includes Interactive local history:                  

Contra Costa County Library recently launched a new Facebook page called Memories of a Lifetime in Contra Costa County. The page allows residents and anyone interested in the history of Contra Costa County to contribute to a fun and interactive local history initiative presented by the Library. Incelebration of the Library’s 100th anniversary this year, the new Facebook page is a tool for people to “remember and go” over their past experiences in the County. Each Contra Costa County community library location is hosting events throughout the year to honor the longevity of the organization that has been known for “bringing people and ideas together” over the last century.

Memories of a Lifetime in Contra Costa County will include a timeline allowing people to document where they have been in the County’s last 100 years. Photographs of Contra Costa County places in the past and present will be included, in addition to interactive questions to get the community engaged and talking. Some questions will allow people to share their favorite anecdotes and martini recipes. Join Memories of a Lifetime in Contra Costa County by visiting and “liking” the new page. 

Contra Costa County Library serves over 902,000 residents of urban, suburban, and rural communities through 26 community libraries, 3 Library-a-Go-Go book dispensers, and online library services available 24/7 at As the winner of numerous awards, including the 2012 National Medal for Museum and Library Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Contra Costa County Library is recognized as a leader among libraries implementing technology to improve service, reduce costs, and deliver on the Library’s mission of bringing people and ideas together.