Danville History Walk Gets you Out and About

Looking for an outdoor activity while still social distancing?  The Museum of the San Ramon Valley can help with a Danville history walk.

While we shelter in place it is still important for us to get out and exercise while keeping at least 6 feet of separation.  You may find yourself getting tired of walks around your neighborhood or on our local trails. How about a self guided history walk in Danville?  The Museum of the San Ramon Valley can provide you with a group of easy to find locations that will teach you and your family about the history of Danville.

Here are two sites as an example: 

San Ramon Valley High

Danville History walk leads you to historic plaque at San Ramon Valley High School

The San Ramon Valley Union High School District was formed in August of 1910. The initial classes were held in Danville at two different locations. In 1916 ten acres were purchased at the present site and the school was built and ready for the 1916-17 school year. Additions of classrooms and a gym were built in 1936. In the 1950’s additional, adjacent land was acquired and allocated for a sports field, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. The original building was taken down in 1950. 

The school located at 140 Love Lane had a commemorative plaque dedicated August 23, 2003 near the school’s electronic sign.

Small plaque in the sidewalk in front of Norm’s at 356 Hartz Ave.

This plaque marks the location of the first Danville Fire Protection District’s first fire station. The unusual brick configuration along the sidewalk indicates the driveway for the first truck which was purchased in 1922.

Danville Hilstory Walk leads you to this plaque marking the first Danville Fire Protection District’s first fire station.

To find more sites around Danville please visit the museum’s website museumsrv.org and then click on Explore then on Historical Markers. This will provide you with a complete list of places to visit with historical markings around Danville.

As you are enjoying these and other historical sites please remember to maintain social distancing and besafe.