Danville Switching to Organic Fertilizers

Using organic fertilizers has yielded improved conditions according to the Town
Using organic fertilizers has yielded improved conditions according to the Town

 Sports fields to see organic fertilizers moving forward

By Town of Danville staff writer

For the past several months the Town has been in the process of transitioning from the use of traditional fertilizers to organic materials on all Town-maintained sports fields. This environmentally friendly option will yield many positive results, including reduced chemical usage and increased irrigation efficiency.

Soil samples were taken from every sports field last year and analyzed by a soil and turf expert. The results of this evaluation were used to create site-specific programs for each location, which include a multi-phase gypsum application process that will loosen the soil and release un-utilized nutrients.

Collectively, this will allow more water to penetrate the soil and the grass roots to grow deeper, which will result in more efficient water usage and improved field conditions.

Once the gypsum treatment process is complete the organic fertilizers will be applied to the sports fields. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than traditional fertilizers, the organics do not need to be applied as frequently and are expected to result in reduced water and material costs.

The initial phase of the transition to organic fertilizers has already resulted in notably improved sports field conditions. This, as well as reduced costs, water and chemical usage, make this project one Danville residents can be proud of.

For more information contact Maintenance Supervisor Dave Casteel at [email protected] or (925)314-3434.