Easy Giving with Danville Gift Card

Innovative Mobile Gift Giving – The Danville Gift Card                                       

By Andrea Cardinale                                            

Your holiday shopping was just made easy, as Danville is offering a next-generation approach to gifting that will not only provide a perfect present for everyone on your list, but is available at your fingertips and will surely bring joy to your world.

Last year, the Town of Danville partnered with Yiftee, a national online and mobile gift card service, and launched a mobile Danville Gift Card that offers the convenience of online shopping and the benefit of supporting local merchants.

Danville’s mobile Gift Card makes giving gifts easy and enjoyable:  Simply go to http://www.yiftee.com/danville to purchase a Danville Gift Card, or choose a specific Danville shop from a list of over a 100 local merchants, select a gift ranging from $5 to $250, then enter a personal message, a delivery date, the recipient’s contact information, and pay with your credit card.  Recipients of a mobile Danville Gift Card receive your gift via email, text or Twitter and can redeem it by presenting the voucher, either via a mobile device or printed version, to the designated shop, restaurant, or service provider.

Powered by Yiftee and backed by MasterCard, the mobile gift card is not only greener than its plastic predecessors, but is 100% protected against fraud and allows your dollar to go farther in the community, as approximately $23 is reinvested in the town’s business activity when you spend $50 locally.

“Purchasing this gift card is not only secure and easy, it reinforces a sense of community,” said Marty Breen, who owns Forward Motion Sports and will feature a one-click option for purchasing a Yiftee card on his website this holiday season.  “Knowing that someone can buy you a gift at a store that you love, but you can choose just the right items and sizes, is a unique Danville experience and one where everyone wins.”

So when you’re thinking about the people in your life who deserve something special this season, from family, friends, babysitters and teachers to employees, clients, stylists and hostesses, give them a gift that allows them to delight in Danville’s abundant offerings and shop in the places they love.

And, to add even more sparkle to your season, if you purchase a Danville Gift Card between now and December 24, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $50 Danville Gift Card — just the Town’s way of thanking you for your support of local merchants this month and all year long.

Start Gifting today at: www.yiftee.com/danville or www.shopdanvillefirst.com