Facial Redness Needs Proper Diagnosis

By Connie Tomcik, RN

Do your friends ask where you got your sunburn and you have to respond for yet another time, “This is my normal red rosy color.” Are you tired of trying to mask the red flushing and blushing on your face, neck, chest, hands and arms? Facial redness can affect both men and women and is most common in fair skin Irish, English, Scottish or northern European ancestry. This is the most common complaint in our office and there is an easy solution.

The most important issue in red flushing skin is an accurate diagnosis. Finding the cause of the redness must be accomplished before effective treatment begins. A Board Certified Dermatologist has the training and skills to do this. For example: Acne and Rosacea blemishes are treated with topical creams and antibiotics. Allergic reactions to cosmetic cream require the correct topical cream. Combining these therapies with “Foto Facial” using Intense Pulsed Light, treats the redness and flushing and also the dark freckles caused by chronic sun exposure. Here in Northern California we see this kind of sun damage starting in the mid 30’s. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), sometimes called BBL (Broad Band Light), decreases the redness and increases collagen, giving the skin a glow of health, a natural color and a more youthful appearance. This non-laser multiple light wave therapy is done in the comfort of the Dermatologist’s office after an evaluation by the doctor to make sure you have the correct diagnosis and are a good candidate for the treatment. After an evaluation of the unwanted coloration the process begins with a powerful prescription strength topical anesthetic to dramatically decrease any possible discomfort. Iced towels are applied just before the light flash penetrates the skin literally welding the blood vessels shut. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes for the face and another 20-30 minutes for the neck and chest. After the treatment our patients may apply sunscreen and make-up and return to work. Initial treatments are usually a series of 3-5 depending on your condition.

A trained RN may preform these treatments after evaluation by a qualified physician. For your safety, a physician should be available and in the office during these treatments. We have been offering this therapy for more than 20 years—experience counts!

Along with the above therapies a good physician directed home care skin program, which includes the daily use of at least an SPF 30 sunscreen, is important. Faithful use of high SPF sunscreens and IPL treatments have brought new hope to the red alert situation that affects so many people.

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