Help Save Ancient Forest Trail

Join others with your signature to help protect the Ancient Forest Trail east of Prince George BC

October 23, 2015

Almost 400 people from Prince George and other parts of the globe have added their names to an online letter supporting the designation of a protected area around the Ancient Forest Trail, about an hour east of Prince George BC.

The letter was prepared and distributed by the Northern Wetbelt Working Group, a community advocacy group based in Prince George. As Ben Garcia-Alonso, a member of Working Group explains, “everyone we’ve talked to is in favour of protecting the area around the Ancient Forest Trail – no exceptions. But the number of names on the letter suggests that people in our community also want a much broader conservation vision for the inland temperate rainforest.”

The letter, which references reports by scientists, non-governmental organizations, and a government forester, points out that people have been calling for large-scale protection of inland rainforest for some time. A BC Forest Practices Board report released in 2008 recommended the suspension of harvesting and the development of a conservation strategy, and groups such as the Save the Cedar League have proposed protected areas for the region.

“We can’t replace old growth forest once it’s been cut down,” says Lukas Bosch, a group member from UNBC, “so we’d really like to see a long-term plan that protects much of what’s left in the inland temperate rainforest.”

Although the letter has been signed mostly by locals, people as far away as New York, Peru and Germany have also added their names. Scientist David Schindler, and broadcaster David Suzuki recently added their names to the letter.

A link to the letter can be found on the Northern Wetbelt Working Group facebook page and the group is asking for signatures. The letter will be submitted to the Province as part of the public consultation process on the proposed Ancient Forest protected area and will also be sent to Shirley Bond, Christy Clark, and Steve Thompson. The letter will remain active after the public comment period closes on November 2.