Hiking Danville Trails for Outdoor Fun

by Nora Heston:                                                                                                            

As winter approaches, staying in for dinner and a movie can be all too tempting to those who don’t want to brave the cold, but bundling up to hike some trails isn’t such a bad way to spend an evening.

During wintertime Danville has an average daily temperature of 44 degrees, according to meoweather.com, so people can still get out and get active. Snowboarding, skiing and even snowmobiling are some great options during the winter months, but with zero average snow days in November and December there are other outdoor activities residents can do without leaving the valley.

The Town of Danville, and the entire East Bay, are full of trails that are open (almost) every day of the year.

According to Danville’s website, http://www.ci.danville.ca.us/Parks_and_Facilities/Trails/, ‘The East Bay Regional Park District operates 65 parks and more than 1,150 miles of trails.

This leaves plenty of opportunity for a brisk walk after your evening meal.

There are trails within the parklands as well as over 250 miles of paved trails that link the Regional Parks, according to the website. The trails have varying degrees of difficulty so walkers can pick the trail that best suites their skill level.

With Mt. Diablo in resident’s backyards, there is an opportunity for them to challenge themselves with harder trail climbs and ebparks.org breaks down the trails into segments and provides information about the trails that can help make the decision easier.

For more leisurely afternoons, stop by one of Mount Diablo’s parks. Many boast picnic areas, play structures, lakes and greenery that residents can enjoy for free.

Diablo Vista Park, 1000 Tassajara Ranch Drive in Danville, offers a sand volleyball court, covered picnic area, lighted sports fields and two tennis courts that are open year round; only the water features close for the fall and winter.

Don’t forget about organized play. With team sports winding down, sports fanatics may find they have fewer ways to channel their competitive energy. The valley, however, will be offering organized runs that will not only give athletes a place to exercise and compete, but will also help benefit local organizations and charities through raised funds.

If hiking, trails and sports aren’t your idea of a good time, try taking your everyday activities outside – like grocery shopping. Danville hosts a weekly, year-round Farmer’s  Market that takes place every Saturday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. between Railroad Avenue Municipal Parking Lot and Downtown Danville, according to pcfma.com.

According to the website, the farmer’s market also offers entertainment and festivals.