Inflammation — can’t live with or without it

By Dr. Robert Brown;                                                              

In the healthy animal, living on pure, organic foods, inflammation is a normal. It is an absolutely healthy response to injury or attack by infectious agents such as germs, viruses and foreign bodies. Due to the human animal changing its environment by adding foreign bodies to his food, by changing his lifestyle habits and by creating within its environment those conditions resulting in excessive stress, inflammation has become very unhealthy. In fact the World Health Organization declared that inflammation is the number one cause of death.

Normal, good inflammation can turn bad when it becomes chronic, such as in periodontal disease. Chronic inflammation can be caused by stress, obesity and sleep apnea. Poor diet is a quite prominent factor not only causing this problem, but tearing apart the very mechanisms that fight the bad inflammation, causing adrenal fatigue and a domino effect on one’s health. The result brings its victim such symptoms as arthritis, colitis, ileitis, periodontitis and many others. The suffix “itis” means inflammation of a specified organ. You might have noticed I called the above ailments symptoms, not diseases, as many consider and treat them. They are only symptoms of an underlying problem that itself must be addressed.

One of the best approaches to these symptoms is to change to an anti-inflammatory diet, especially a diet that strengthens the immune system and is high in colloidal fiber. As I mentioned in my book “WHY—The Question that Could Save Your Life”, one must not leave it up the health care practitioner to treat your ailment. One must study the cure oneself. The Internet can give you the knowledge of which foods are inflammatory and which are anti-inflammatory. The website,, lists over 2000 foods and their inflammatory factor. An “IF” rating ap (IF=Inflammatory Factor) is available for your smart phone. If you love the pain of arthritis, all you need to do to make it worse is load up with sugar, a very inflammatory food.

Another cause of inflammation has only recently been introduced to our food supply. GM, or genetically modified foods, are so bad that they are not legal in Europe. 94% of Soy is genetically altered. In this process the gene of one species is forcibly transferred into the cell of another, in order to achieve a result that brings more profit. The profit in the case of soy, is that the new altered soy is resistant to Roundup. Once this new soy is consumed, the new cell can be mistaken by one’s body for foreign bodies, thus setting up an immune response with the resulting inflammation. There is a lot of scientific research warning us of the dangers of GMO’s, but greed prevails. The last time we voted on labeling GMO products, big money appeared to stop it. Now there are volunteers in the food industry that will be labeling non GMO products.

In my treatment of severely painful TMJ cases, control of inflammation by correction of diet and lifestyle is essential to optimal treatment. If you are suffering from headaches; deferred tooth pain; jaw pain; sounds in your joints; limited mobility of the jaw; or are just a person who clenches and/or grinds their teeth, please contact my office to schedule a complimentary consultation/evaluation. Life is too short to not feel your best. Advanced Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Center is located in Danville.

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