Too Little Sleep? Emotional Wreck?

Could it be that you need more sleep?

by Dr. Robert Brown

Science can help explain why too little sleep makes us so emotional. In 2015 2000 Swedish adults, without sleeping problems, were found to become far less able to manage their emotions after being subjected to sleep deprivation. Another study found that the subjects, when presented with neutral and negative stimuli; for example, the photo of a plate verses a photo of a severe injury; the sleep deprived subjects reacted negatively to both photos. One segment of our society that is suffering are young people. According to Dr. Thad Golden, director of the Coastal Sleep lab in Myrtle Beach, 90% of young people are running on lack of sleep. “This creates ripples such as irritability and behavioral issues not to mention the other trickle-down things like increased auto accidents, increased absenteeism and negative effects on our immune system and health.

We already know that not sleeping enough causes depression, but did you know that antidepressant drugs can have the side effect of interfering with sleep? There are many causes of sleep deprivation from poor “sleep hygiene” to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Things that negatively affect sleep quality include habits like alcohol consumption; medications; too much worry; improper dietary habits; screen time on your computer/phone, late sport practice under the lights and just not planning your day to allow relaxation. I can think of many more, but, with few exceptions, all can be dealt with.

What you can’t deal with is untreated OSA. You must get help. There are so many dangerous side effects to OSA that airline pilots, truck and bus drivers are made to prove they have corrected this condition. You might ask, “How is that possible?” CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machines include recording devices that track the hours of use. For those that cannot tolerate the CPAP, we offer dental appliances as treatment.


These appliances can now be made with a chip inside that tracks compliance!

Our office is among very few that provide this service on site for those patients who need to present the proof to their employers.


Most medical insurance companies cover oral appliance therapy for OSA and our office, the Advanced Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Center, offers a service to help our patients with their coverage. If you, or someone you know, are among the grouches caused by sleep deprivation, don’t treat the symptom with caffeine or drugs, correct the cause and enjoy the many benefits of being healthier and happier along with the benefits of having those around you enjoy you more.  Research has proven that a good attitude can directly improve one’s health.

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