MOWSOS Gets Major Sponsor

MOWSOS Receives $10,000 King Crab Sponsorship                                  

Tampico Terrace Care Center in Walnut Creek has become the $10,000 King Crab Sponsor of MOWSOS ‘s 25th Anniversary Crab Dinner Fundraiser.

The event takes place on Friday, January 29th, 2016, and is the biggest fundraising event of the year for MOWSOS with a goal to raise $75,000.

“Our values are aligned with MOWSOS in supporting seniors in the community. We know that we can make a stronger difference together,” says Brian Rivera, MA, Administrator, Tampico Terrace.   “Tampico Terrace is grateful for the partnership with MOWSOS and looks forward to helping them reach their goal this year at the Annual Crab Dinner.”

In addition to delivering 250,000 meals each year, Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services coordinates care for over five-thousand seniors located throughout Contra Costa County.

“We have become known in the community as the provider of choice to connect seniors with emergency support like food, companionship and fall prevention,” says Elaine Clark, Executive Director.  “None of these efforts would be possible without partnerships and collaboration with organizations such as Tampico Terrace.”

The Crab Dinner will be held on January 29th at Centre Concord.   Tickets and sponsorships are available here or call 925-937-8311.

Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services is a full-service nonprofit organization dedicated since 1968 to helping seniors live independently and with dignity. Based in Walnut Creek, the agency serves seniors all across Contra Costa County. More information can be found at

Tampico Terrace Care Center is locally owned and operated.  Tampico Terrace has the ability to fine tune your recovery in a way that fits your specific needs. Our dedication, pride and commitment makes Tampico Terrace a nursing and rehabilitation center where compassion and determination are hallmarks of the industry.