Phoenix Rising musiciens giving back

Phoenix Rising is a San Francisco-based ambient ensemble that creates soundscapes of light and energy.  “Mystical, lyrical, dramatic at times and always thoughtful and emotionally compelling, the dual musical vision of composer Wendy Loomis (piano) and arranger Monica Williams (flute) drives a deep sense of transcendence and spirituality that can only be captured in metaphoric terms.” ~Iguhuaran,
Phoenix Rising is currently in the process of producing a new CD titled Mystic PlacesÂ’ that will combine acoustic piano, synthesizers, traditional and world flutes, and nature sounds. ‘Mystic Places’ is about taking a journey: to places in the outside world and to places within the human spirit.   With one week remaining in their Indie Gogo fundraising campaign, Monica and Wendy have already attained 85% of their  goal.
Their previous release, ‘AscensionÂ’, successfully received five separate nominations from the Los Angeles Music Awards and the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in the genres of classical, jazz, and new age. In addition, the songs from ‘Ascension’ can still be heard on hundreds of analog, satellite and cable radio stations nationally and internationally.
“”We received many reports from people that the music from the CD Ascension not only helped people to relax and de-stress from the
challenges of daily life, but actually was helpful in eliminating physical pain”,” Wendy Loomis commented,  “”so we decided to take this healing aspect of our music a bit further”.  Monica Williams connected with some folks at the National Foundation for Cancer Research. They will be receiving a donation of 200 Mystic Places CDs that will be distributed among donors, cancer patients and survivors.
Monica Williams is a graduate of Eastman School of Music who conducts Flock of Flutes and maintains a full roster of students at Civic Arts in Walnut Creek.  Wendy Loomis is an ASCAP Award-winning composer/pianist who writes for and performs with several ensembles as well as scoring for independent film.  As educators, both Wendy and Monica give extra time to their students to make sure their musical journeys are positive. As performers they often play charities and events for little or no pay.
Monica Williams is a graduate of Eastman School of Music she says that she feels music is about expression,
compassion, expansion of the heart and mind, and about lifting people up.  It is
about giving back.