Proper Diagnosis Needs All Information

By Dr. Robert Brown;                                     

It is always wonderful to hear about a new breakthrough in medical research. How many millions of lives have been saved by the discovery of antibiotics? In the process of bringing seemingly miracle drugs into our practices we have seen a tendency to become overly dependent on them, sometimes creating an entirely new threat to the health of the patient. Some of these drugs cover a symptom so well that we forget to pursue the diagnosis of the problem responsible for the symptom and “the baby went out with the bath water”.

In my book, “WHY, The Question That Could Save Your Life” , I dedicated a chapter to right and left brain thinking. Our educational methods concentrate much too much on memorization for an A grade, and not enough on encouraging challenge and inventiveness, especially in medical school. If we rely primarily on memorization for learning long enough we lose the ability to use the right brain and our ability to think outside the box. Proper treatment must bring in all possible information necessary to make a proper diagnosis. One of the symptoms of left brain dominance is excessive defense of one’s beliefs and resistance to new ideas. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine was very critical of recently published research, and yet, if that research supports a left brained person’s beliefs, it is gospel as well as dangerous.

In dentistry there were very important findings in the 1920’s on how endodontically treated teeth could be responsible for diseases on other areas of the body, such as arthritis. In 1927 Dr. Weston Price placed such teeth in laboratory animals and they developed the same disease as the human donor. This is due to the fact that a molar can have three miles of dentinal tubules in its root. These tubules can house germs in areas within themselves that are too tiny to sterilize. Antibiotics came along and out went the “baby with the bath water”, but the problem remained.

I personally know of a lady who was suffering from multiple symptoms that were eliminated by removal of an endodontically treated tooth. Recently a dentist who was able to think outside the box tried using Ozone to sterilize the root. Being so small and so deadly to germs, Ozone was successful and a whole new protocol has developed.

In my TMJ practice pain is by far the major complaint. Practicing an alternative, holistic approach, I use no drugs and get phenomenal results with properly designed splints, lifestyle changes, dietary changes, supplements, physical therapy and proper referrals. Unlike the side effects of drugs, such as addiction, the addiction to my treatment has a big side effect-BETTER HEALTH.

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