Signs posting potential closures of fire stations

signs inform community of potential fire station closures
signs inform community of potential fire station closures

Signs placed near local fire stations will bring public awareness of potential for additional fire station closures in January 2014

Martinez, CA – The prior closures this past year of 5 fire stations and 7 engine companies has placed the Contra Costa County Fire District and the communities protected by it, at great risk. Response times have increased significantly, and the ability to mitigate major or multiple incidents has been significantly impaired.  We have seen this occur numerous times since fire station closures began in January and we cannot allow any further fire stations to be closed.

The Fire District has stated that to the Board of Supervisors that a 6th fire station and 8th engine company may be closed in January 2014 but that location has yet to be identified. Another one of your local fire stations may be closed and it may be in your neighborhood this time. Response times will continue to increase, calls may  be delayed until a fire engine becomes available, and more fire loss and property damage will occur if less resources are available in a timely manner to mitigate a fire.

Signs like these have been placed at local fire stations in an effort to bring awareness to the community that further cuts may be made by the Board of Supervisors and that another fire station may be closed in less than 4 months.

If you are concerned about your local fire department please contact one of your local Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and express your concerns. In Contra Costa County, the Board of Supervisors act as the governing Fire Board to the Fire District and ultimately make the final decision on any recommendations from the Fire Chief.

You may contact any County Supervisor at one of the following numbers or email addresses:

District 1 / San Pablo, El Sobrante – John Gioia:

(510) 231-8686

[email protected]

 District 2 / Lafayette, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek – Candace Anderson:

(925) 646-6067

[email protected]

District 3 – Mary Piepho:

(925) 252-4500

[email protected]

District 4 / Clayton, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill – Karen Mitchoff:

(925) 521-7100

[email protected]

District 5 / Martinez, Pittsburg, Antioch, Bay Point, Pacheco, Clyde – Federal Glover:

(925) 427-8138

[email protected]