SOF And PG&E launch SVRC

Sentinels of Freedom and PG&E Partner with College of Alameda to Launch SVRC

Sentinels of Freedom and Pacific Gas & Electric sponsored their second SVRC (the first was at SF State) at the College of Alameda on Tuesday, November 10. SVRCWhat is an SVRC? A Student Veteran Resource Center, is an on-campus center at colleges and universities that meet the specific needs of student veterans. This most recent resource center marks the beginning of Sentinels of Freedom’s new campaign to establish SVRCs across college campuses around the nation, beginning with local Bay Area colleges.  In order for Sentinels of Freedom to sponsor, as well as locate a corporate sponsor for an SVRC, a college must provide the physical space, a standing Student Veteran Organization (SVO) must be in operation on the campus, and there must be a commitment to conduct one community service project per year by the SVO. If an SVO does not exist on the campus, Sentinels of Freedom offers its resources and experience in helping to establish one.

Mike Conklin, Chairman of Sentinels of Freedom opened the event, emphasizing that the results of these centers depend entirely on the leadership of the veterans involved.  In his opening speech he spoke of the impact that veterans have on communities. “Veterans never stop serving”, he said.

Students, local businessmen and women, education administrators, and veterans organizations came out to take part in this ribbon cutting. Attendees heard from keynote speakers Vice Admiral Charles W. Ray, Defense Force West U.S. Coast Guard, and from Mary King, V.P. of Human Resources at PG&E.

The SVRC at the College of Alameda will serve the more than 150 veterans at the school; and the SVO already has laid out plans for two community service projects over the next year. Sentinels of Freedom is partnering with other local corporations to open SVRCs at Los Medanos College, Contra Costa College and Diablo Valley College in the coming year citing the growing student veteran population and the specific needs of student veterans.

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