SRVEF Gets $80K from SR Rotary

San Ramon Rotary Club to give $80,000 grant to the San Ramon unnamed-2Valley Education Foundation

On Thursday, October 29th, the San Ramon Rotary Club will donate $80,000 to the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF).  These funds were generated by the Online Auction for Education, held earlier this year. The partnership between the San Ramon Rotary Club and the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation has existed for many decades; however, this is the largest amount of money ever raised from the Auction, or to be donated by the San Ramon Rotary Club.  SRVEF estimates that the San Ramon Rotary Club has contributed more than $500,000 over the past decade to help the children of the San Ramon Valley.  The donations are critical to several very important programs, including, SRVEFs Teacher Grant Program, which  funds diverse initiatives to enhance teacher and student projects, as well as district needs in the areas of math and science.

“This donation is a perfect example of what makes the San Ramon Rotary Club so special. Their laser focus on this goal and a strong desire to push to do something incredible is what propels us forward. Because of their generosity we are able to entertain new programs and scale the exciting projects our teachers are working on to give all students’ access to what makes this community so great. We are truly humbled by this partnership,” stated Cristene Burr, executive director of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.

The $80,000 check will be presented at the San Ramon Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon on Thursday, October 29th, 12 noon at the Crow Canyon Country Club.

About the San Ramon Rotary Club

The San Ramon Rotary Club is a service organization composed of a group of community leaders who promote positive lasting change in the local and international community.  The San Ramon Rotary Club supports community efforts through direct service projects, fund raising, scholarships, community and international grants and insuring support of our local schools and teachers.  For more information about membership, please visit .

About the San Ramon Educational Foundation

Since 1982, the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation supports and promotes public education in the San Ramon Valley.  Together with its 32 affiliate education funds, they raise more than 7 million dollars a year for their underfunded schools.  For more information, please visit